Startups are innovating, pushing boundaries and changing people’s lives every day. With the ever-growing number of tech startups that are introducing leading edge electronic products, many seem to have one thing in common. They are using lithium-ion batteries as their power source. Volta Tech has assisted more than 100 startups with their lithium-ion battery needs in the past few years and has learned their desires and challenges when it comes to battery requirements.  So, Volta Tech makes one very important aspect of these entrepreneurs’ life easier: designing and procuring reliable custom lithium-ion batteries.

Compared to traditional battery technologies, lithium-ion batteries have a much higher energy density so longer battery life can be achieved in a smaller and lighter package. It logically becomes the first choice for handheld mobile devices, power tools and even electric cars.

However, incorporating a lithium-ion battery into a product is not an easy process. There are many complexities in the design that must be understood and dealt with prior to prototyping. Once design issues are solved, the prototyping process can be lengthened by long manufacturing lead time (25-35 days). This makes the design phase a mission critical task as even one small mistake can bring the whole project to a halt for a month or longer. When a battery problem presents itself after the product is already launched, the recent Note 7 incident has taught us how devastating it can be to a company’s reputation and financial wellbeing.

For tech startups launching their mission critical first ever product, a reliable battery supplier is invaluable. With over 10 years of experience in designing and manufacturing over 4000 different models of lithium-ion batteries, our factories have gained extensive knowledge and knowhow that enables us to design and manufacture reliable, efficient, custom lithium-ion batteries. What’s even better is that with the help of economies of scale, we can offer cost effective prototypes with fast turnaround times and smooth the transition into full production. Volta Tech has full, high volume production capabilities.

While working with our startup customers on their lithium-ion battery needs, Volta Tech has found that many people are unfamiliar with the complexities of these kind of batteries.. To assist in the process, we have incorporated an educational module into our services to better serve customers at no additional cost. No matter how familiar you are with lithium-ion batteries, we are more than happy to work with and guide you through the designing process: we routinely translate a few lines of specs requirements to full blown 12 pages specifications including schematics through communication with our clients.

With the capabilities, expertise and the willingness to cater to a startup’s needs, Volta Tech confidently looks forward to working with any customer’s lithium-ion battery needs.