Lithium Ion Polymer Gel Batteries

This category of batteries improves on the technology used in the lithium ion polymer batteries by reducing the internal resistance of the polymer. A small amount of liquid electrolyte is added during production into the batteries causing the polymer to gel, forming a gelled polymer electrolyte. Lithium ion batteries that use a liquid type of electrolyte have the potential of explosion, and, therefore, can represent a safety hazard. The polymer gel technology eliminates such a potential safety hazard.

This category of batteries offers all the benefits of the lithium ion batteries and lithium ion polymer batteries. They are suitable for use in high-end cell phones and tablets. Volta Tech can provide 150 different models in this category.

If your need isn’t fulfilled by the stock models, we can custom design per your request. Just fill out the Request For Quote Form and start the process today! We are more than happy to serve you!

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